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Step into the game and into another world with the most advanced Virtual Reality headsets on the market.  Tracked within half a millimeter of your actual location expierienc real sensations and live out childhood dreams.  And now book Online!
I have 15 years of expierience  building custom gaming, home and work computer for nearly every application.  I have been specializing in making gaming computers designed for VR which all come with a lifetime warranty. 
Got an idea or invention you would like to see come to life? Not sure how to make it or get a prototype done? let me help with a slew design techniqes used for sculpting 3d design and 3d printing. 
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Our VR Mission
To create a fun social gaming hub where kids can come hang out and have fun. I am proud to be a part of something new and exciting for kids and adults alike to do in langley.
Professional Gaming and Workstation Computers
This computer is made with the all new Ryzen processor from AMD and the best graphics card they have to offer.  We here love the 805 infinity pc case for our high end builds.
3D Print your design
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
Design an object in virtual reality or do a light sketch on pen and pad and let me bring your designs to life using my in home built 3d printer.  We have a number of amazing tools to enable you to literally create what ever you want out of whatever you want.  want it printed in carbon fiber? wood? metal mixes? we can do it all.